That’s right- we’re back, fired up and ready…. ish. Those who are returning may have noticed that things have changed. By changed I mean that we have completely torn out the intestinal wbaby_bender_phone_wallpaper_by_crookedkid06-d98hhuuorkings of this corpse of a shit. Hopefully this time around, things will get a little more epic… Maybe even a bit more organized. ON THAT NOTE! Expect to have two new areas/categories to delve in.
To give a rough outline of the two newcomers is to state that as of right meow:

Freak Show: Get to know more about the family that created all of THIS! From the back swamp gator slinging to the more creep-fueled bird skull wind catchers (no animals were harmed in the making of this crafts).

Inmate Inquiry: The life behind the inmate! Well, maybe not that in-depth. More along the lines of what is life like for those in relations to the inmate. It’s hard, but it can be beautiful and it’s an experience that should be brought to light.

I hope that you enjoy the new-ish content and the new layout. As usual it’s a matter of enjoy the vibes, now you can add to the vibes. Leave comments on things that you want to be covered, you’ll be my Princess Buttercup and I’ll do ‘as you wish’.

Thanks oodles



Wow…. Welcoming you all to the blog seems a lot cheesier than I wanted it to be but alas we are going to roll with it. As you may have already been able to tell I am not the ‘average blogger’ (whatever the hell that means) but again we are going to roll with it, no one is truly making you read this content. On that note, a premature thank you to those that already find yourself enjoying my vibes. Muhahaha.

Just to cover the primary basics this is Unpolished&Uncensored, a blog that will cover just about anything I will it to. (again I dare say muhahaha) It acquired this name because I myself am uncensored, sadly I was blessed with the vocabulary of a sailor with no real morals but I wouldn’t change it. It’s kinda amusing to make head’s spin. This said there may be some slight use of vibrant vocab. The second half of this little ship/trip thing, is Unpolished. *personal note* My grandfather before his unfortunate passing used to always ask me “You know what I like about you?” naturally I would beam thinking he’d say my hair, my eyes, my charming wit, alas he was an ass and always replied “Nothing.” Originally this had left me feeling off and slightly sad but it made him laugh and I loved that tan ass to the moon and back so I’d let it slide. Flash forward awhile, closer to his passing, he had asked the same question after a grueling round of chemo. The twist though is that after he said nothing, he turned it around and asked “you know that I do love things about you. You can polish a turd and it would still be a turd but you, you’re like an unpolished gem.” He went on to state that millions of people go out to refine and ‘fix’ gems when they should just learn to appreciate them in their natural habitat.” It was one of the sweetest things that wrinkly bastard ever said to me, and since then the term Unpolished has always held a meaning.

All b.s. aside this blog is what it is and though I hope that you genially enjoy the content you don’t have to read it if you don’t dig it.

Thanks oodles.